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Dear Dr. Coles,
     Stratified genomic medicine, genome-guided
prevention and treatment of complex diseases, is becoming a reality
due to the latest achievements in genome research as well as the clinical
implementation of powerful technologies
such as massively parallel sequencing and digital PCR. The bottleneck of
this innovation coming into clinical practice
is the current reimbursement uncertainty. The combination of tightening
health care budgets and the launch of a large
number of expensive molecular tests as well as pricey targeted therapies
creates complications for payers to respond
in traditional ways.

Third Annual Evidence-Based Reimbursement Summit (November
17-19th in Bethesda, MD) is designed to bring
together major stakeholders from pharmaceutical, biotech, IVD companies,
laboratory medicine community and healthcare
providers community to exchange opinions and to search for solutions in
the innovative medicine commercialization equation.
The Summit is comprised of two conference tracks –

Health Economics of Personalized Genomic Medicine and
Evidence-Based Reimbursement of Molecular Diagnostics.
 Session Topics Will Include:

Application of Health Economics to Demonstrate the Value of
Personalized Therapy

Supporting Pharmaceutical Innovation

Pricing and Reimbursement of Stratified Medicine

Changing Reimbursement Environment

Learning the Healthcare System

Tools for Generating and Synthesizing Evidence

Demystifying CMS Perspective

Coverage and Reimbursement Strategies

Case Studies and Solutions

Medical Affairs at Work

Changing Reimbursement Environment to Move Precision Genomic Cancer
Treatment Forward

Reimbursement of Stand-Alone versus Companion Molecular Tests

Distinguished Speaker Faculty:
Andrew C. Fish, Executive Director, AdvaMedDx
Brian Kennedy, Executive Director, Alliance for Patient Access
Brian S. Gorin, MBA, Managing Principal, Analysis Group
Bruce Quinn, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Health Policy Specialist, Foley Hoag,
Catherine Schnabel, Ph.D., Vice President, Translational Science,
bioTheranostics, IncPam Baker, Senior Director, Market Access, Sales Ops
& Training, CardioDx, IncLaurie Howard, Vice President,
Reimbursement, LabCorp
Felix Frueh, Ph.D., CSO, Human Longevity, Inc.
Finley Austin, Ph.D., President, Founder, RxDx Experts
Gregory Hess, M.D., Senior Fellow, LDI Health Economics & Policy,
University of Pennsylvania
Jan Groen, Ph.D., President & CEO, MDxHealth
John Warren, Senior Director, Health Policy, McDermott Will &
Joseph V. Ferrara, President, Boston Healthcare Associates, Inc.
Josephine A. Sollano, Dr.PH, Vice President, Outcomes & Evidence,
Global Health and Value, Pfizer, Inc.
Lon Castle, M.D., Medical Science Liaison, Medical Affairs, CardioDx
Louis Fiore, M.D., MPH, Professor of Medicine, Boston University School
of Medicine, Professor of Public Health, Boston University School of
Public Health, Executive Director, Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiology
Research and Information Center at Department of Veterans Affairs
Mark E. Nunes, M.D., Associate Professor, Pediatrics, Division Chief,
Medical Genetics, Kaiser Permanente
Mary Brophy M.D., MPH, Attending Oncologist, VA Boston Healthcare
Michele M. Schoonmaker, Ph.D., Vice President, Government Affairs,
Richard Simon, Ph.D., Chief, Biometric Research Branch, NCI
Robert McDonough, Head, Clinical Policy Research & Development,
Robert Popovian, Pharm.D., Senior Director, US Government Relations,
Pfizer, Inc.
Roy D. Baynes, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Global Clinical
Development, Merck
Stephanie Dyson, Senior Director, Government Affairs, Genentech
Susan R. Snyder, Ph.D., MBA, Research Investigator II/ Health Economist,
Geisinger Center for Health Research
Usman Iqbal,M.D., Senior Medical Affairs Leader, Neuroscience, Global
Medical Affairs, AstraZeneca
Victoria Pratt, Ph.D., FACMG, Director, Pharmacogenetics Laboratory,
Indiana University School of Medicine
For full details please view the

agenda PDF, or visit There is
an early registration
discount of up to
$400 available until August 29 – don’t miss the best value on the
industry’s premier reimbursement event!
I hope you will have the chance to join us this Fall in
Best regards,
Marina Filshtinsky, Conference Director
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
mfilshtinsky@healthtech.comPS.  To discuss sponsorship opportunities including podium
presentations during the event agenda please contact
Vacca – Business
Development Manager at 781-972-5431.Cambridge Healthtech Institute
250 First Avenue, Suite 300
Needham, MA 02494

L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D., Cofounder
Los Angeles Gerontology Research GroupE-mail: scoles@grg.orgE-mail:


About Johnny Adams

My full-time commitment is to slow and ultimately reverse age related functional decline to increase healthy years of life. I’ve been active in this area since the 1970s, steadily building skills and accomplishments. I have a good basic understanding of the science of aging, and have many skills that complement those of scientists so they can focus on science to advance our shared mission. Broad experience Top skills: administration, management, information technology (data and programming), communications, writing, marketing, market research and analysis, public speaking, forging ethical win-win outcomes among stakeholders (i.e. high level "selling"). Knowledge in grant writing, fundraising, finance. Like most skilled professionals, I’m best described as a guy who defines an end point, then figures out how to get there. I enjoy the conception, design, execution and successful completion of a grand plan. Executive Director Gerontology Research Group (GRG). Manages Email discussion forum, web site, meetings and oversees supercentenarian (oldest humans, 110+ years) research. CEO / Executive Director Carl I. Bourhenne Medical Research Foundation (Aging Intervention Foundation), an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Early contributor to Supercentenarian Research Foundation. Co-Founder Geroscience Healthspan Forum. Active contributor to numerous initiatives to increase healthy years of life. Co-authored book on conventional, practical methods available today to slow the processes of aging – nutrition, exercise, behavior modification and motivation, stress reduction, proper supplementation, damage caused by improper programs, risk reduction and others. Fundamental understanding of, and experience in the genomics of longevity (internship analyzing and curating longevity gene papers). Biological and technical includes information technology, software development and computer programming, bioinformatics and protein informatics, online education, training programs, regulatory, clinical trials software, medical devices (CAT scanners and related), hospital electrical equipment testing program. Interpersonal skills – good communication, honest, well liked, works well in teams or alone. Real world experience collaborating in interdisciplinary teams in fast paced organizations. Uses technology to advance our shared mission. Education: MBA 1985 University of Southern California -- Deans List, Albert Quon Community Service Award (for volunteering with the American Longevity Association and helping an elderly lady every other week), George S. May Scholarship, CA State Fellowship. BA psychology, psychobiology emphasis 1983 California State University Fullerton Physiological courses as well as core courses (developmental, abnormal etc). UCLA Psychobiology 1978, one brief but fast moving and fulfilling quarter. Main interest was the electrochemical basis of consciousness. Also seminars at the NeuroPsychiatric Institute. Other: Ongoing conferences, meetings and continuing education. Aging, computer software and information technology. Some molecular biology, biotech, bio and protein informatics, computer aided drug design, clinical medical devices, electronics, HIPAA, fundraising through the Assoc. of Fundraising Professionals. Previous careers include: Marketing Increasing skill set and successes in virtually all phases, with valuable experience in locating people and companies with the greatest need and interest in a product or service, and sitting across the table with decision makers and working out agreements favorable to all. Information Technology: Management, data analysis and programming in commercial and clinical trials systems, and bioinformatics and protein informatics. As IT Director at Newport Beach, CA based technology organization Success Family of Continuing Education Companies, provided online software solutions for insurance and financial professionals in small to Fortune 500 size companies. We were successful with lean team organization (the slower moving competition was unable to create similar software systems). Medical devices: At Omnimedical in Paramount CA developed and managed quality assurance dept. and training depts. for engineers, physicians and technicians. Designed hospital equipment testing program for hospital services division. In my early 20’s I was a musician, and studied psychology and music. Interned with the intention of becoming a music therapist. These experiences helped develop valuable skills used today to advance our shared mission of creating aging solutions.
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